Thursday, February 27, 2020

Life is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle!

As I sat at my puzzle board this morning, enjoying my first cup of coffee, I realized how tackling a jigsaw puzzle is so similar to how I tackle my life. Living with chronic cancer has caused me to become extremely creative. Sometimes I must solve life's challenges one piece at a time, while at other times, I am able to tackle it in “clumps” or “two-fers.”

It occurred to me that no matter the method,  the goal is always the same; put the pieces together to create a complete and beautiful picture. 

It also occurred to me that not every puzzle is solvable in the same manner. Each and every one is unique, with its’ own strengths and weaknesses. 

Some puzzles are easy peasy, while others can be quite difficult. This is true when living with chronic cancer, too. Some days are easy peasy, while others are much more difficult. Either way, I am up for the challenge! 

Fortunately, nine years down the road, I have many more easy peasy days, than difficult ones, so it has become easier for me, to tackle my puzzle of life, in a grand way; putting “chunks together” quickly, creating beautiful moments in time. 

These moments may be as minute as completing all of my laundry in one day, to the greater grandeur of moving thousands of miles to begin a new life adventure. It is the grand days that help me to push through the ones that are more difficult. 

On the difficult days, I resort back to taking life one “piece” at a time, knowing that even though the going may be slow, the result will still be the same; a beautiful, and complete picture. Sometimes, much to my dismay, I may even have a missing piece, or two, which is so representative of life; we do not always have all of the "pieces", but we still create a masterpiece.

This is what a tough day looks like, for me:

1. Get Up.

2. Maybe get dressed; maybe not.

3. Maybe eat; maybe not.

4. Snuggle with a blanket and heating pad.

5. Find a distraction; crochet, knit, watch a sappy movie, or attempt to solve a puzzle.

6. Try not to focus on the pain or nausea.

7. Whine a little. 

8. Laugh a lot.

9. Eat chocolate.

10. Drink something warm.

11. Accept the crappy day.

12. Laugh some more.

13. Go to bed and pray for a better tomorrow.

Not all days can be good days, and that rings true for everyone; cancer or no cancer. We all have struggles, we all have challenges, but if we learn to treat life like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time, with all of the pieces creating a beautiful picture, then maybe we will not become so overwhelmed that we allow stress to creep in and add to our already difficult and challenging moments.

Be grateful for the easy peasy days and approach the difficult ones in whichever manner works best for you, and your current challenge. One step at a time, adding one and one and creating two, or putting together whole chunks of challenges quickly, thus creating your very own big, beautiful picture.

Also remember, that like a jigsaw puzzle, each and every single piece matters. Each and every piece requires thought and placement before it can become complete. When you first begin a puzzle, the pieces are scattered and chaotic, it is only after careful thought and consideration that they begin to take shape and order themselves; filling in the blanks and making sense.

Slowly, methodically they will begin to fit together and become whole. Life can easily become scattered and chaotic, it is how we deal with this chaos that dictates our existence. Strive to give all of your pieces the attention needed to live your best life.

And keep in mind, you do not need to complete the entire puzzle alone. Puzzles and life are so much more enjoyable when shared with others!

Remember that it will not always be easy, but hopefully, it will always be worth it!

Happy Day, and blessings to all!

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