My Bosulif Back

I just had to go and spout how happy I was that I had not had any issues with back pain in so long, that I could not even remember the last time I did!

The universe did not skip a beat, and quickly slammed me; my back has been "bad" for nearly seven weeks and it SUCKS! It has made me weary, and is so very frustrating. So many things I want to do, and just cannot.

At first, I thought I had just "over-done" it and it was a strain or something of that sort. I quickly realized that it really was not entirely muscular, which not I kind of wish it was, as it would have "healed".

It seems to be more of nerve pain, I think. It runs along my lower spine, yet I have to be careful bending over, to pick something up, or put on my socks!

I believe that it correlates with my last bottle two bottles of Bosulif, and am praying that my new bottle will be better, and eliminate this pain. I did report it to Pfizer, and they did a thorough report; it does not seem that uncommon of a complaint.

It is a clear reminder to really enjoy those lesser, side effect days, as you never know when that might change.

Thank goodness I knit and crochet, as it helps tremendously to still be able to create, despite all of the sitting, on a heating pad.

For those of you that are also suffering side effects that are stopping you in your tracks; I empathize, and encourage you to find a hobby that will help to occupy your mind.

On the upside, my PCR has never been better! .032, I can hardly wait to see then next one.

Happy National Blood Cancer Awareness month to all of you warriors out there in CML land!

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