Saturday, December 1, 2018

PCR Update and Gratitude

Hopes and Dreams.....
What a whirlwind my life has been! I am so fortunate to have been able to fulfil my dream of visiting my roots. Of course, the highlight of our trip was reconnecting with family. Feeling the love in our hearts, despite the many miles between, us was remarkable. I can hardly wait to get together again.

Making the effort to take trips like this is not easy; there is much planning prior to the trip, and travel is fatiguing on this old bod! But what I receive in return makes all of those challenges so worth the effort.

My oncologist's words, replay over and over in my head, all the time. This is what came out of his mouth, when I asked him if it was alright to go to Europe a few years ago, "Of course! Isn't this why you are fighting CML so hard?"

I mean, duh! Living IS why I fight so hard to keep my CML in check. It is why I see my oncologist every three months for testing, and to monitor the damage that can occur to my other organs, from the potent medication that I take. It is why I endure the side effects of my disease and its' treatment. It is why I push through the pain and fatigue, and try my best to manage nausea.

Living with chronic cancer definitely has its ups and downs, but "living" is the key, and I plan to continue to do that, to the very best of my ability.

beautiful in its' broken-ness
Hopes and dreams make the challenges easier to endure, and the memories from past adventures make me smile; they give me the motivation to continue to push myself towards more adventures, towards living my life. And they keep me company, during the recuperation period!

Currently, my pcr results show that I am in stable MMR at .072, up a tad from the previous results of .06. I still have a "small" pleural effusion in the left lung, and I am still adjusting to my newish medication, Bosulif.

I wish my pcr was lower, I wish I could breathe better, I wish I didn't have the nausea and diarrhea associated with Bosulif, I wish I didn't have nerve pain and jelly legs, I wish my bones didn't ache, and I certainly wish that the fatigue would go away, BUT I am grateful that my spirit is not broken, and that I am able to continue to enjoy all aspects of my life, even the down days; I look at those as payment for the good ones, and that is OK!

When I am not travelling, visiting family or enjoying some random activity, I love to be a voyeur into the lives of others; I take great pleasure in sharing others experiences, no matter how mundane.

Seeing the beautiful Christmas decor, or toes on the sand make my heart sing, and this is why I share with you.
I hope you enjoyed my travels to the northeast, and I hope that you will share your adventures with me!

Fight on; life is a gift!

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