Friday, July 7, 2017

Split Croatia

Today we woke up in Split, Croatia and since the ship was docked right at the pier, we didn't bother to get a taxi, and just decided to walk around the town for awhile. In hindsight, this wasn't the best choice, but we did make do.

As we got into town, and started perusing the streets, we ran across a cute little outdoor market, and some interesting looking people. I cannot believe some of the things people wear, and I could not resist snapping a photo of this guy!

After making our way through the market, what do you think we found??? Much  to my delight, another church! And for only seven euros, we could visit the church, the bell tower, the baptistery and the treasury, and since I had bell tower envy, ever since Joe and Cindy went up the bell tower in Piran, Slovenia, I told Joe to purchase the tickets for all four locations, as I planned to do the whole shebang!

The church was spectacular, of course, yet it was sad to see that there was nothing left of the mosaic ceiling, that had once been there, but fortunately many other areas had survived, and were available for our touring pleasure. I once again doused myself in holy water, lit a candle for those no longer with us, and said a prayer.

Next we headed to the treasury which was quite interesting, but other than the air conditioning, I am not sure was worth the walk up the stairs, just to see the different chalices and robes and coins, and such, that have been preserved. What do you suppose warrants saving and putting behind glass?

After finishing up the church and treasury,  we headed over to the bell tower; my goal for the day. The first two steps up into the tower were HUGE and difficult to climb, and after three or four steps, I began to get worried; will I be able to get up the tower?Will I be able to get back down? Will I get to hot? Will it be too claustrophobic! Or will I just die from a panic attack, 
somewhere along the way?! Lol

Apparently, my "what ifs" got the best of me, and I quickly shoved Joe in front of me, and told him to look and see whether or not he could see the "top", and how much further it was; considering we had hardly gone five feet, I knew it was probably quite far! Lol

He disappeared around a turn, and was actually able to see that there was a landing, not too much further up the stairway, that he thought that I could reach,  so I continued to drag myself up the stairs. Once we got to the top of the landing, I told him that my big, fat, chicken ass self 
had gone far enough and that I was going to park myself on that landing and enjoy the view 
from there, while, "if he wished to continue", I would be waiting for him.

I found it quite amusing that the real reason for not going up to the top was because I was chicken, NOT because I had absolutely NO business going up there in my condition, in the first place! I mean really, I could barely breath going up the first set of stairs, and my legs and feet were a mess! Lol what in the world had I been thinking?

Oh, yeah....I had been thinking that I could still do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with no restrictions, and no consequences!

So, instead of climbing to the top of the bell tower, I sat and enjoyed the company of many different tourists, while Joe braved the tower stairs; he later told me that they were rickety and narrow, and that I never would have made it; and that for once, I had made a wise choice!

As luck would have it, while he was at the top, he was able to catch the bell ringing , on the hour, on video. I was so glad that he was able to experience that, and that I was able to enjoy the video and the photos, from the top of the tower, through his bravery and perseverance.

Eventually we got to the bottom of the tower, and we continued to search for the hidden baptistery....which we never found; I swear it must be non existent. Between the heat and the cobblestones, I was worn out, and didn't care whether or not we saw one more old piece of stone, or the baptistery, so we started looking for our afternoon place to sit; pre-requisite, of internet, bathroom and air conditioning; this did not take long.  

Since our rule is, "if you are going to use the services, you must patronize", so we looked at the menu and obliged; we order a Gelato with sour cherries, and a Nutella crepe; both were delicious and offered just the kick I needed to get back to the boat.

Playing cards with our friends on the back deck, until the ship sails, has become one of my favorite things to do. Spending time together and watching the ship leave the dock causes a melancholy feeling, mixed with joy, peace and contentment.......I am so incredibly grateful for these moments in time, to create such special memories. 

Tonight's dinner was back at Le Bistro, the French restaurant on the ship. It is by far the best restaurant on the ship, in terms of food and service. I had the most succulent, tender rack of lamb that I have ever had, with the best onion soup on the planet; which I promptly topped that off with a creamy,  vanilla creme brûlée.

Feeling like little piggy that went to the market, I waddled to bed, to call it a night; we will be waking up in  Corfu, Greece, in the morning; how crazy is that? 

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