Beat the Summertime Heat!

I used to love summer, but CML (chronic mylogenous leukemia) has changed that. Now summertime means more days of feeling crappy! It seems that either CML, or the treatment for CML, makes the heat intolerable.

I still love gardening and the great outdoors, spending time at the local watering hole and enjoying outdoor activities with our grandchildren, but this can cause exhaustion and flu-like symptoms with minimal exposure to the heat.

Even getting into a hot car can cause a headache and nausea for me, and dancing in the summertime is always a challenge!

My number one line of defense in the summer, is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water (sports drinks may be a good idea, too)and my number two, and favorite line of defense is my chilly pad, also known as "Nana's Rag"!

I do not go anywhere without my chilly pad; it is my constant summertime friend. I actually have several of them so that I can rotate them to avoid stinkiness; one for the garden, kinda' dirty, one for dancing, and one for "going out on the town", this year I think that I am, going to try the ball cap, too, and see if keeping my head cooler will help with the summertime blues!

It is not often that I endorse products of any kind, but I promise that you will be amazed at just how cool these clothes are, and how much they can help you beat the heat.

Keep in mind these signs of heat stroke during this time of year:

The major signs and symptoms of heat stroke include:

               1. Nausea
               2. Vomiting
                3. Fatigue
                4. Weakness
                5. Headache
                6.  Muscle Cramps
                7. Dizziness

Let us all have a great summer whether you are sheering sheep, planting and harvesting your garden, dancing, fishing, bike riding or rock climbing, please try to stay cool, and healthy!

And don't forget the sunscreen!!


  1. Heyy,
    I have just stumbled across your blog from google and I firstly want to say how amazingly brilliant it is and how brilliant you are! I am an AML survivor (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia) I have read through lots of your posts and can relate to them so much. My treatment resulted in me having a bone marrow transplant. We have to be so careful in this warm weather don't we? I am probably now going to spend the rest of my evening reading through the rest of your blog. The cancer patient and survivor community is great. I am involved a lot with supporting other patients and raising awareness of cancer in young adults.
    Best wishes from the UK! :)

    Elisha x

    1. Elisha! Thank you so much for stopping by!! I started this blog in an effort to keep friends and family informed and educated, along with myself and somehow it just kept going!
      I am so glad that you are doing well after you transplant, that is always good news! Please keep me posted as to how you are doing.

  2. Thank you for your page. I have CML diagnosed just last March 2015,. Each day can be an adventure, mostly negative. But, better than the alternative. God bless you.

  3. And you, too Rita! Hang in there!


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