Thursday, July 3, 2014

CML Side Effects Return with New Bottle and New Lot Number

This summer has been a whirlwind! After getting the garden started, flowers planted and a new fence around the orchard, Joe and I drove to Las Vegas and picked up our granddaughters. We have had the most fabulous time, thus far. I have had the good fortune of not having any “pain” related side effects, so we have been able to do many things.

Due to an increase in my PCR twice in a row, I am back on 140mg of Sprycel; two days ago a received a new shipment. After only one dose, the pain in my back has returned. I am so bummed; it is severe enough to slow me down and put a damper on my summertime fun, with my family. I am considering calling the pharmacy to ask for a new shipment, with a different Lot number to see whether or not it makes a difference.

The return of the pain is a great reminder to play hard when you can! Down days are going to arrive no matter what, and I am so grateful that we have been going Mach 1 since the girls arrived, as I have no idea how the rest of their visit is going to go. Regardless, time spent with them is priceless.

Is anyone else on 140 mg of Sprycel? If so, I would love to know your Lot number and side effects.

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