Monday, June 25, 2012

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records can be a true blessing when you have a chronic or serious medical condition and either travel a lot, or move to a different location. By having your medical background stored by an electronic health record method, your new doctor can easily access all of the medical information that he or she needs.

With all of the advances in internet technology and medical advances, having a patient’s medical history readily available and easily accessible is very advantageous for the patient. Just think, if you are on vacation somewhere and need to have an emergency appendectomy, it would be extremely helpful for the medical staff that is treating you, to be able to view your medical history for allergies, current medications and other medical conditions that may help or interfere with your care.

When hospitals and doctors use electronic medical records software it not only cuts down on their costs, but also helps to promote accurate medical records for patients.

As I search for a new doctor here in Boise, I am hoping that all of my medical records can be electronically shared so that both my new and my previous doctor are able to keep me healthy for a very long time!

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