A Frog in My Throat!

My Froggy Girl!
So, upon arriving in Phoenix, I get into the family wagon and immediately starting hugging and talking to the kids. My four year old granddaughter says, “Nana, what is wrong with your voice?” I respond, “Oh, honey it is nothing to worry about, I just have a frog in my throat.”

We continue the long drive to their home, and after about five or so minutes she says, “Nana, how did the frog get in there? Did you leave your door open when you were sleeping?” Of course, her mother and I cracked up and I said, “No, I didn’t leave the door open,” and before I could continue, she said, “Well then, he must have come in through the window. Why did you leave your window open?”

I told her that I didn’t leave my window open either, and that it just sounded like there was a frog in my throat because I was a “little bit” sick. This seem to satisfied her wild imagination; at least until morning. As soon as I got up, she wanted me to talk; I did, and of course, the “frog” was still there. She was a bit relieved that I still had my frog, and really glad that he did not leave my throat and move on into hers. However, she was a bit surprised that he was still there.

She said, “Nana, you were supposed to sleep with your mouth open so the frog could go back outside. I made sure that I kept my mouth closed, all night, so that he couldn’t come and live in my throat. How long do you think he wants to stay in there?”

Needless to say, my “frog” stayed in my throat for my entire visit, as well as for many, many more weeks after returning home, but I will say, that my “frog” made me smile more often than not!

Gotta’ Love Kids!!


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