First Real Day; New York City!!

I Love the city. I love the history, the architecture, the Broadway shows, the food, and diversity.
Joe is not a fan, yet he agreed to take the train into the city with me, as opposed to sitting in the hotel lobby, or the airport, all day.

We took the train into the city, hopped onto the subway and headed down to the 9/11 Memorial Park. In my opinion, it is a beautiful memorial to those who died in that horrific terrorist attack many years ago. It is a sobering experience.

After walking to both tower memorials, we headed in search of a Mom and Pop Deli. Along the way, we saw some great "graffiti", the Oculus Mall, St. Paul's church and a plethora of other old buildings with great design.

Eventually, we found a deli that called our name; I had a slice of white pizza, (as any pizza with red sauce, gives me tremendous heartburn; ever since I started taking Bosulif. Weird, huh?)

And Joe had the most AWESOME sausage and green pepper hoagie EVER; the sausage was SO delicious that it brought back memories of just how good the food is, in the city. Our sausage does not taste like that in Boise OR California! The pizza was pretty darn good, too!

From there we rode the subway up to Central Park, walked through the Strawberry Field's and then decided to check out the new Tavern on the Green. It was lovely and the desert we had was quite yummy, you could tell that the hot chocolate was "Real" hot chocolate, not the type that comes from a package, but I must admit, I miss the original "Tavern on the Green"; this just did not have that elegant, special feel.

By then it was starting to get cold so we decided to head back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, and then head back to the airport to wait for our flight. We still had a long day/night ahead of us, since our plane did not leave until midnight.

Chandeliers instead of flowers.

We were prepared with noise canceling headphones just in case of crying babies, and I had my pillow and a blanket; the flight is about seven hours long which would normally be about how long I manage to sleep on a regular night at home, but by the time you get in and settled, they do drink and food service, and settle themselves down, I had watched an entire movie!

$250 one way

Much fancier than US-based airlines.

Fives hours left in a tiny seat isn't much time for "real" sleep but I thought I would give it a shot; I didn't bank on them serving more food and coffee about an hour and a half before landing.

Somewhere around 3am, I began to question my sanity, wondering what the hell I was thinking about booking this trip, but I am sure after a good night's sleep, I will feel better.

We arrived, in full sunshine, at noon in Barcelona.

Buenos Dias!

St. Paul's

Rotten Apple?

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