Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gothenburg, Sweden: A Lovely Day!

We awoke in Gothenburg, Sweden, looked out of our window, and saw the Volvo Museum. We didn't go in and opted to take an Uber into the Old Town area of Gothenburg, called Haga. Haga is a city district in Gothenburg and is renowned for its picturesque wooden houses, 19th-century atmosphere, and cafes. The wooden houses reminded me of the wooden houses in Alaska!

Upon arrival, I noticed a building, at the top of the hill, with a crown on top. It looked like a brick fortress, and I wanted to see it! We headed that direction and climbed at least 150 stairs, probably more, with my lungs as my witness, up to the top, and found the Skansen Kronan.

It is a fortress that was built to protect the city of Gothenburg against Danish attack. The building began in 1687 and was completed in 1700. It looks as though it will stand forever, as it is one solid, stone building!

While we were "way up above the city" I saw many cool buildings, towers, and copper roofs. And another building, off in the distance that looked much like, you guessed it, a church! I said, "Once we go there, I will do whatever else you all want to do, for the rest of the day."

So we trudged downward, and I quickly found the street that the church was on. It is the Oskar Fredrik Church erected in the 1890s. It is Neo-Gothic in style and quite beautiful with red brick and copper roofs.

I loved the green pews, and the simple arches, along with the really cool floor tile. The dome over the altar was stunning, as were the pipes for the organ. I loved the stained glass, but not as much as the stained glass in Rostock.

After visiting the church, we headed back to the cobbled streets of Haga, and enjoyed the shops, their signs, and some snacks! The huge cinnamon roll was delicious, as was the coffee. The guys had beer, and we had the best peppadews filled with cheese that I have ever had, we even went back for seconds.

A little more strolling and we were ready to head back to the ship. I could certainly see myself spending more time in Gothenburg. Looks like I will have to make a special trip back to visit Brad and Lisa, and the kids!

Once back on the ship, we just relaxed, had dinner, and relaxed some more! Tomorrow is our last sea day, and then we will be off to Berlin!

Night, y'all!

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