Monday, September 12, 2022

Last Day in Brussels; Saying Good-Bye to Our Travel Buddies!

This morning we said goodbye to our travel buddies, Cindy and Joe; it was bittersweet. We have been traveling together for five weeks, and it will seem strange to not have them next door!

They headed to Paris, and we are headed to Munich in the morning.

Today, we decided to venture over to the National Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg. We can see it from our hotel room, and it appears to visit worthy. We took the metro and a nice stroll through a park.

We planned on this being an "easy" day. It is said that this basilica was inspired by Sacre'-Couer in Paris, but it does not hold a candle to that basilica!

It is extremely large in size and is said to be art deco in style, but I am not so sure about that! I did thoroughly enjoy the more modern stained glass, and some of the artwork that was hung in the church, but I found the pipe organ to be underwhelming.

We were able to take a lift up to the platform around the dome, so that was pretty cool, although the day was a bit hazy, and the views were not as clear as we would have liked, although it was an absolutely beautiful day.

After tromping through the basilica for who knows how long, we headed back to our hotel, and the center square, for one more look and to buy some more chocolate! Of course, we did eat a Poke' Bowl, before we had dessert!

One last jaunt through the old center, with a quick, peek at Jeanneke Pis ( Little Pissing Joan), and our "Easy Day" ended with 18,206 steps.

Now to pack and hit the hay.

Night y'all!

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