Goodbye, Rhode Island; Hello, Portland, Maine

My greatest regret in leaving Rhode Island is that I won't be able to have stuffies for dinner! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Rhode Island, but Portland, Maine is calling our name.

As we continued to drive north towards Maine, the trees got prettier and prettier, with more fall colors and fewer green trees. We were also happy to be getting some use out of our "toll road gizmo"; we figured that by now, we might have reached our $120 benchmark!

Our home for the next three nights is a Quality Inn & Suites, in South Portland. This hotel was also perfectly located and checked all of our boxes. Inexpensive, refrigerator, microwave, clean, comfy bed, and a bathtub! I mean really, what more could you want?? We also chose this location because my cousin lives just south of here, in Old Orchard Beach.

Since we had a little time before the sun went down, we drove out to The Lobster Shack at Two Lights, in Cape Elizabeth, Me. This time we actually had a whole lobster, and another bowl of clam chowder. The lobster was very good, and the chowder was so-so; it really sucks when you can make better clam chowder at home, than you can get, on the water, in New England!

Since I love lighthouses, this was a great place to eat. Sitting inside the nautically themed restaurant, and looking out at the ocean and lighthouse makes for a perfect dining experience!  They even had Whoopie Pies, that we bought, to take back to the hotel for dessert. After we mangled the lobster, we went for a short walk on the rocks, near the water, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Maine. It doesn't really matter what time of year it is, I always love the ocean.

We were lucky we had just enough daylight to make it to see one more lighthouse, the Portland Head Light, at Fort Williams Park. I was sorry we could not go inside, but was happy to walk around the grounds, looking out to sea, and seeing two other lighthouses, in the distance.

We also saw two ships, passing in the light!

Before heading back to the hotel for the night, we took a stroll through the park and a drive past the old forts. All in all, it was another great day. I am beginning to feel the repercussions of all of our travels, and am hoping to hang in there for the next few days. We still have much to see and explore.

Prayerfully a good night's sleep is in store!

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Two Ships Passing in the Light!


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