Drive to Rhode Island

Driving to Rhode Island I expected to enjoy the Fall Foliage, but instead, we viewed beautiful green trees! Lol Lots and lots of green trees, and grass, as far as the eye could see!

It was a pretty drive, and I loved driving past New York City! Always a thrill for me. As we got closer to Rhode Island, a few trees were red and yellow, so I hope as we continue to head north in a few days, that there will be even more color.

Something that I had not factored in when I rented a car for our trip was all of the toll roads that we would encounter. We don't really have toll roads where we live and I totally forgot that the northeast was full of them! The other thing that I did not know, was the fact that you need a gizmo reader, on the windshield in many places, as there no way to pay the toll. According to the car rental dude, if we did not pay the $120, which included the gizmo and all the tolls that we acquired, we would be paying an $18 fee for each one that did not have a booth. He assured us that it was the best bang for our buck, and did not give us a choice.

So, if you are going to be travelling and renting a car in the northeast, be prepared to pay an extra $120 so that you can drive on their pot-holed roads!

Anyway, once we checked into our hotel, a Rodeway Inn, in Middleton, perfectly located I might add; we hit the store and figured we should try some clam chowda.....unfortunately, we listened to Trip Advisor and ended up at Flo's Clam Shack; it was adorable and had been there for decades!

I had a lobster roll. It was cold; with a packet of mayo. Joe had Clam chowder that tasted like chicken broth with a few potatoes and a splash of milk, and some fried clam cakes things, which were nothing but bad hush puppies, in my opinion. Blek!!

Tomorrow we will ask the locals where to eat.

I have a tummy ache and I am going to bed; tomorrow will be a better day.


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Looks better than it was!

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