Monday, July 3, 2017

Koper Slovenia; I Never Thought I Would Be There!

Since our days in Venice were a bit rough on me, we decided to do our favorite thing; hire a cab driver to tote us around! In Koper, we found another Marco! He was the BEST!! He took us to a small town called Piran, which was about thirty or so minutes from Koper; he told us it was much nicer and that we would enjoy it more, so we jumped in the cab and took off!

He drove us there, telling us about all of the things we were passing, and places we were going through. Piran was old, and right on the water; we walked around, saw another magnificent church, a square with an old bell, and Joe (her Joe) and Cindy went up in the bell tower. Joe actually caught the hourly ringing of the bells on video! As much as I would have love it,  I didn’t dare to even think about it.

After the came down from the tower, we went for a walk, on a street high above the city, I heard music; and I knew exactly what type of music I was hearing; an accordion! This particular accordion was different than the ones we saw in France; it had keys, like on a piano; like the ones that I see in the states. He was sitting outside of a church, and I was so grateful that he led me to the church, and I enjoyed his music so much, that I gave him a few euros, and thanked him for leading me to the church; high up on a hill. He was playing Camp Town Ladies and Yankee Doodle! Lol

Once again, the d├ęcor in the church, did not disappoint; it was stunning. I wish I had kept better track of all of the holy water that I have blessed myself with, during this trip;  prayerfully, my CML will still be under control, when I get home and I will never underestimate the power of God; one never knows, right? Maybe I will come home cured!

After the church, we walked over to the sea wall, high about the town, and looked down to the water; it was crystal clear, and oh, so blue! It was SO clear and blue, that I was quite surprised to see naked snorkelers, swimming around! Lol How funny is that? White butts, with fins and a snorkel! Cracked me up, and YES! I took a photo, from very far away!

Looking out over the village, to the sea was spectacular, and I was sorry to leave this amazing country.

The ride back to Koper was a bit brutal, as the air conditioning did not work as well as we wanted, AND I had walked off and left my cool cloth, on the ship,  so I was already overheated from the day! BIG mistake, BIG! I will never do that again; I could barely wait to get “home” and cool off.

We decided to stop for a quick drink, internet, bathroom and air conditioning break before heading to the ship, and to explore Koper, just a little. The place where we stopped felt cooler than it actually was, so we didn’t enjoy our typical refreshing break.

We did a quick tour into another church, and around the square, enjoying the old, historic buildings, windows with shutters, flower boxes and laundry, an old well, and many little shops; it was long before we headed “home” to the VERY air conditioned boat! It was always such a relief to hobble up the gang plank and feel that rush of ice cold air; the person checking us in with our key cards, always had on a winter jacket, and that is no lie.

We were all happy to hit the Blue Lagoon for chicken wings, and the back deck for cards and to watch the ship depart from the port. I love waking up in new places, without having to pack and unpack, but ports every day are EXHAUSTING!lol

By the time we finished our dinner, which was truly delicious, I was more than ready for bed! I am a bit bummed that I have yet to explore the ship; but maybe tomorrow. As of right now,  I know where the back deck, by the coffee pot is, the dining rooms, and my own room, and that is it!

Still, I am thrilled to be here! I am excited to wake up in Croatia, in the morning!

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  1. It's such fun to see you have such a great time in Europe, thanks for sharing it all with us! :)


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