Saturday, July 1, 2017

Best Husband on the Planet!

So, as you may or may not have read, yesterday we spent the day in sweltering Venice; my legs and feet freaked out with swelling and bright red, broken capillaries(or so I think), over both of my legs, from thighs to ankles, I look as though I have a skin disease; you should see people get out of my way! They look horrible, and hurt…...

And then to top that off, I lost all of my pictures from the day in Venice, and was very, very sad….

WELL! Wait till you hear this! I woke up at 9:30 and Joe was gone. He had said something about getting up early and retracing our steps in Venice to take pictures for me, to make up for the ones I had lost. I really didn’t think that he meant it, so I really didn’t give it another thought.

But he really DID get up, and was out the door by 7:30, he went and walked all through Venice for THREE hours, just to replace my pictures for me! What an awesome guy he is!! I could hardly believe that he was gone and was going to do that for me; I am beyond grateful, and Can I say, Scored MAJOR points for that one! First a croissant fairy and now a photo fairy!! Holy Awesomeness, Batman!

Finally, after lying in bed for about 30 minutes, I decided to brave the floor, get up and go get some coffee, at the buffet, since Norwegian Cruise Lines charges $7.95 delivery charge for room service! WTH?  I hobbled to the bathroom, and much to my surprise and delight,  what did I find??? The COFFEE FAIRY had struck!! I had hot coffee in my travel mug, which he had filled before he left!! Geez!! Not sure I will EVER be able to top those acts of kindness! Thank you, Joe! I love you and what you did for me this morning! Once I finished my coffee, I was antsy to head to shore.

After about another hour or so, he returned, with a full camera!After telling me about all of the cool things he saw, Saint Marcs Basilica and some sort of military demonstration, not to mention all of the other sights we had seen the day before, we decided to have lunch, and I convinced him that I was up for a slow, short day in Venice, so we decided to take the water bus to Murano. We figured that the water bus ride would be a big part of our sight seeing for the day, as it didn’t require me to walk, and that we would just spend a little time in Murano, and go back to the ship.

We left the ship and talked to a gentleman, who was running a souvenir shop, just off the boat. He told us that he could sell us people mover tickets for 3 euros, each and tickets on the water taxi for 7.50 euros each, roundtrip. He then told us which taxis to take. We went over to the other side on the “PM” and found the water taxi stations; so COOL! Just like the Metro on water! Lol

We found the station to Murano, got on the correct boat. We sat down inside, but I found it was really hot, and I couldn’t see well enough to take photos, so I went to the area that people, with blowing hair from the breeze, were standing. I talked to the gal that anchored the boat at the taxi stands, just to make sure we were on the right boat, and she said that we were, BUT that she recommended BURANO, instead of Murano! Lol

She said that it was quainter, smaller, more beautiful and much more colorful. I told her how much time we had, and she assured me that we had enough time, as Burano is further away than Murano. I thanked her and stepped back,, out of her way, and started talked to a lady from England, she was so nice and just beautiful! She told me that she and her husband had also decided to go to Burano, instead of Murano, and she said that she knew which transfer, water taxi to take; I, of course asked if she minded if we tagged along! Lol She said of course, and we abandoned our plans, and the boat to Murano, and hopped on another, to Burano!

The new boat was much larger and air conditioned!! Whoo Hoo! Joe and I visited with Kevin and Kelly, all of the way to Burano, which was probably near 45 minutes. Since it was taking so long, we were beginning to get a little concerned, as we had to be back on the boat a a specific time, or be left behind! Lol Fortunately,  Kelly had  her phone and we were able to track where we were and when we would arrive, so that gave us a bit of relief.

We enjoyed their company and even exchanged emails.

Once there, we found out that the taxis came every 30 minutes, so to be safe, we decided to take the next boat back. As the young gal had told us, Burano IS very small, and very lovely! We weren’t there long, but enjoyed every single minute! Burano is known for their lace; everything from doilies, to dresses; all elegant, intricate, and lovely.

Thirty minutes later and we were headed back to Venice, to the transfer platform where we got on this boat; once there, we were quite proud of ourselves for figuring out which was the shortest route back to the terminal. We wished that we had figured out this boat Metro yesterday, because it really was awesome!

We confirmed that we were on the correct water taxi and hopped on; I once again stood in the front, for the breeze and photo “ops”! Lol It was a wonderful reminder of our time in Venice.

After getting back on the ship, with plenty of time to spare, I showered the sunscreen off of my legs and slathered them with Arnica; they were no worse for the wear. I laid on the bed and conked out! After waking up we met our friends on the deck and played cards, as the ship sailed away.
Another fabulous day in the books!

One thing I have figured out about cruising for eleven days, with so many stops is, that it is a lot of WORK! Lol

Holy Cow; off to Slovenia!

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