Walking on the East Side of the Saone

Last night, after a hot tub soak, and a recap, I slept like a rock; Hallelujah and Amen! We relaxed until about three and headed out for the day. It was a bit hot and a bit humid, so the cool cloth and the umbrella were a blessing; I am SO grateful that I remember to pack them, along with our Hydro-flask;  staying hydrated is uber important.

Today the concierge sent us to the other side of the river; it was not nearly as quaint and charming as the side of the river where our hotel is located, but it had its’ own, unique feel. There were more department type stores and and more of a middle class, lifestyle feel; am I becoming a French snob??

What I missed most were the churches; ducking in and out of all of the beauty, plus “coolness”  makes the day less draining. We did run across Sainte’ Paul’s Cathedrale’, which was not quite as elaborate as the churches on the other side, but still beautiful.

We took the metro to the top of the hill, got out and walked down to the river; along our way we enjoyed a great variety of architectural wonders, and a plethora of vintage shops and bistros. We stopped about half way, during happy hour so I could rest and re-hydrate with water, while Joe enjoyed a pint,  of some sort,  of beer. Then we went to a park and had a little “picnic” with our most favored baguette sandwich.

Just people watching, and noticing the difference in lifestyles, between here and the states is quite fascinating. I have no doubt that living in a “walking” city is very hard on your body, but the slower pace of life, even in Paris is refreshing. Another thing that we noticed is that there are very few people glued to their phones. You don’t see them when they are eating or walking around, other than the tourists; and I imagine many of them are using them as cameras.

The afternoons are quite quiet, and the evenings come to life; there are people walking, eating and talking everywhere! Lots of bicycles, scooters, buses and small cars. We even saw people riding small little quad things. It is very different that were we live.

Right before we were getting ready to cross the walking bridge, we saw several buildings that were painted in a Tromp l’oeil fashion. They were very, very cool! All in all, it was a nice walk that gave us a good feel of the “other” side.

After that long walk we took a short break in our room; as luck would have it, there was an amazing thunder and lightening storm, which we enjoyed, with our large window open, with a glass of wine and some “sweet treats” that we picked up.

There are so many different types of pastries, candies, tarts and pralines that we bought one of many things, just so we could sample them all. I also had a Citron Glace’ that was very refreshing; tonight for dinner we had some sort of Indian Tandoori, which was pretty good, although it took some Menthe’ de Chocolate’ to settle my stomach, afterwards.lol

A dip in the hot tub and I am ready for bed. Lyon has proven to be quite the reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Paris, and I feel my batteries recharging.

on se parle plus tard ; Talk to you later !


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