Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Europe! It’s a Go!

Yesterday’s appointment with my oncologist went well. We discussed my continual pleural effusion
and despite my awesome response to Sprycel, have decided to try and change my medication, when I return from Europe.

The good/bad news is that I have a pretty good effusion setting up shop in my left lung (no surprise) so that means that I get another Sprycel break! Whoo Hoo! Headed to Paris and off all TKI’s for at least a week.

The only other small hiccup that reared its’ ugly head, is an unusually low,  white cell count; 3.4, which is quite a bit lower than my “normal”; the break from Sprycel should help this as well, but what it means is that I will have to be uber diligent in washing my hands and remember to keep them off of railings, and other type of things that are frequently touched. I will have hand sanitizer on hand at all times and a Z-Pack, just in case.

I also picked up a back brace that I hope I won’t need. So, all in all, I feel that I am as prepared as I can be, and am leaving with my oncologist’s well wishes.

I remember the very first time that I travelled after being diagnosed; I was terrified that something may go wrong and that I would end up in the hospital, wherever I may be. (Jesi knows all about that) Since then, I have been traveling on a fairly consistent basis, and at worst, I have needed down days to recover; we have built these expected days, into our itinerary, even though I HOPE to not need them.

I have prepared to the best of my ability and am leaving the rest up to God; I pray he will protect us on our travels, and see us safely back home.

Sitting here in the airport is both exciting and nerve wracking! I have never been to Europe and never been so far, and so long, away from home! I must be crazy, for sure!

Thus far, everything has gone smoothly; rental car returned right on time, and made it to the airport an hour before we expected.Thank you LA traffic!

Norwegian check-in was pretty easy, and I highly recommend taking the wheelchair option to the gate; the security line was forever long, and would have wiped me out before I even got started. It is the very first time that I have requested a wheelchair, and even though it made me feel a bit silly, I am glad that I got over myself and took the ride!

I will continue to be mindful of not only my surroundings, but of my own limits too, this will NOT be easy! Lol But I promise to try.

Bon jour for now, pray for a safe flight and that we find our hotel!

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