Thursday, June 15, 2017

One Last Treat in Lyon; Then Off to Rome!

It seems to be a common theme; sad to leave where we are, yet excited for our next adventure! We had approximately two hours to spend in Lyon, before we left for the airport; we tend to jump the gun and typically have more than enough time to spare, and expect to be there long before we need to be, but better to be safe than sorry.

We pre-arranged a taxi, instead of taking a bus and a train; to pick us up at two. Our trips to our hotel, and back, in Lyon, cost more than our flight to Rome; but it was more than worth it!

While we were strolling down the streets, during our last few hours; feeling melancholy, we passed a window, that we have passed many time before; there was a “Knight” looking costume, from the movie Stargate. Upon further examination, we realized that it was a Museum of Movie and Pictures, with both life size, and miniature sets.

We asked how long it would take to tour the museum, and they told us one and a half, to two hours. Perfect!  We figured it was a great way to spend our last few hours in Lyon; for only 9 euros pp. We had no idea JUST how awesome it would be! After getting to the airport and viewing the photos that I took of the miniature rooms, I could not believe that they were not full size.

They were so detailed, that they looked like full size movie sets; and reminded me of when I was a little kid and made a few miniature shadow boxes, of rooms; mine were not nearly as elaborate as these, and I remember my mother giving me $5 and telling me to “spend it wisely” as I am sure she was not going to be spending the big bucks, for me to create one miniature room; to sit around and collect dust. Just imagine, if she had; I might have been a famous, miniature set creator! I seriously think I may have missed my calling; puzzles, creating, building, designing, painting and all of the other finishing touches, just to creat a scene.Oh, how I would have loved to do that; who knew that people got paid to create, in such a fashion. What a fascinating career that must be. Of course, now with computers, I wonder if there is still a need?

They also had many full size costumes, and models,  of many other movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day, Batman and Spiderman. I love that they are preserving these artifacts, as opposed to destroying them. There was even the first Alien robotic, Alien! We just loved room after room, and wish we had had even more time.

 The museum was in this really cool old building (duh!) with lots and lots of stairways, but they were all so unique, that we enjoyed every step.

It was a great way to spend our last few hours, in Lyon, and we were really glad that we didn’t miss it. On our way back to the hotel, we ran across a silk shop; they had a bunch of sticks, with caccons, and one catapillar, who had yet to turn into a caccoon, outside of their shop. Really neat to see.

We had a great taxi driver; spoke very good English and shared many stories with us. He was enthralled with my chilly pad and had me write down where he could get one for himself, and his wife; he said, “I never see anything like it!” He got us to the airport in record time; we had hours to spare! Lol

Getting on the plane was uneventful, and I could not keep my eyes open during the flight. We landed and followed the crowd to baggage, picked up our bags and found a shuttle to our apartment for 40 euros; not bad considering the Metro and the bus would have cost 30.

I must tell you that when the shuttle driver pulled up to “our” apartment, I was a bit nervous; there was graffiti, and garbage overflowing in the trash bin; much like New York City. It didn’t look anything like the photos I had seen and made him wait until I was 100% certain that we were at the correct place; which we were. (Trash night was tonight, so the trash is gone. Lol)

We had to use an intercom, to have the gate open; then we had to find our way to building three; once inside the gate, I felt much more at ease. The building were charming with flowers and laundry hanging over the balconies. We found the elevator it was minuscule; me and one suitcase! Upon arriving on our floor, Carla met me with a great big smile; Joe eventually got the rest of the luggage and himself up to our floor.

The apartment was spotlessly clean, and quite large, considering we are in Italy. It has a full kitchen, a huge living and dining room, two bedrooms and two baths. Our friends are due to arrive tomorrow, God willing, as they have been alerted that there may be a strike in Italy tomorrow, for transportation. Do not fly to Italy on a Friday; apparently this is common. I pray they make it with no problems.
The only real issue when we first arrived was the heat! It was hot in the apartment, and I can’t do “hot”! Thank goodness there is an air-conditioner, which seems to be doing the trick.

We walked around a bit and found all kinds of things, close by, such as  a post office, a market, a pharmacy and several food places. We choose an Italian one! Lol I had an asparagus, cherry tomato and almond pasta, and Joe had a pesto and shrimp pasta; they were both very, very good.

After eating, we went to the market to get some goodies for breakfast; we looked in several markets for orange juice, when I finally realized that every market had oranges, with no juice. Well, guess what??? They fresh squeeze orange juice over here, and since we wanted to “take away” we each got a small cup of juice, in a plastic cup, with aluminum foil over them; it was hysterical, and we had to walk very carefully home. Lol

So arriving, not too late,  back to the apartment, I was excited to do some laundry; the washer is one of those evil, front loading machines. Smaller than the ones in the US; you know the kind, the ones that are  difficult to get things in and out of, really close to the floor? But, worry not!  I got a load of shirts into the machine, tried to read the instructions, got it washing; all proud of myself, and hours later………it is STILL washing, and spinning and washing and spinning, over and over and over again! For HOURS!!! I want to break the little glass window, with my fist, but I won’t! Lol
I  cannot get it to stop and I cannot get our clothes out; the door is locked and it will not open! I HATE this machine; it is the very first thing that has truly aggravated me, in I cannot even tell you when! @#%$$%^. Lots of bad words over here!

But alas! Croissant fairy to the rescue! He is now the Laundry King! He miraculously got the damn thing to open, after a spin cycle. Amen and Hallelujah!! He is off to bed, and I am finishing up this post; with one more load, hopefully coming out tonight, to dry. We are very spoiled in America; we have dryers, they have drying. Racks and balconies!

What will we do in Rome tomorrow? Or should I say later today?

Who knows! I may not wake up until the next day! Lol

G’night and God Bless.

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