Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sprycel (Dasatinib) and Summertime

Yesterday was the first really hot day this year. While outside watering the garden I noticed that I started to get a headache and become a bit shaky and nauseous. I didn't spend my typical hour or two out there weeding and harvesting, I instead, quickly retreated to the air conditioned house; I drank a cool glass of water and had to sit down for about 45 minutes before the nausea and headache subsided.

Later that afternoon, Joe and I headed to the Borderline for an hour of practice before teaching our Country Two Step lessons. One Triple Two Step and Polka later, I was sweating like I have never sweated before and so hot that I thought that I was going to crumble. I downed a glass of water and hit the dance floor again; we have a competition in three weeks and I want to be more prepared than I was for the last one. Despite the fact that the industrial fans were blowing all around the dance floor, my body just continued to heat up. My face was beet red, burning hot to the touch and my head was throbbing. I didn’t notice the nausea until my practice was over, so that was a good thing. Once my practice was finished I was able to take the rest of the evening at a much slower pace, but I am truly amazed at how my body now reacts to heat. It feels like a furnace, burning from the inside out.

I am driving to Palm Desert to finally meet my new grandson on Saturday and am a bit anxious to how I will react to that extreme heat in the desert. I will only be there for a few days, but I am blessed to be bringing two of my granddaughters back home with me, for a week. I am praying that the heat of the desert does not wipe me out or set me back as I will have two precious little girls with me and the last thing I want is to be wiped out!


  1. Congrats on the grandbaby!!! Nothing better in this world than little ones!

  2. Exercising to the point where I get hot makes me sick now. I thought maybe it was because I can't sweat anymore, therefore my core temp goes up and it's harder to cool off. I've gone so far as running cold water all over my head and neck to cool down my face and head. Be care in the heat, Michele.


  3. Stay in the air conditioning in the Desert Michele! DASH out to cool the car off before you leave, seriously, take no chances! Too fun to bring home the little girls! Teach them to dance while they are there!! xoxoxo
    Julia xoxo

  4. I also found that Sprycel affects my heat tolerance. Funny, cause I had no problems with heat on Gleevec.


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