Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Days Off of Sprycel(Dasatinib)

After taking Advair for four days, my chest finally began to clear up. Despite the fact that I have been sick for 3 weeks, I have noticed that even though I have been coughing; I am not nearly as tired and draggy as I was. Of course I am wondering whether I am just finally getting over my bronchitis, or if not taking my Sprycel has something to do with it.

I had also been wondering if the coughing and chest cold was directly related to the Sprycel or if I had really caught the virus that is going around. It is highly unusual for me to catch anything. I typically only get a cough, once a year in October, and never even feel sick. It shows up; I cough for a few weeks and it goes away. No one ever catches it from me and I think that it begins as an allergy and turns into bronchitis.

This time, Joe finally obliged me and started getting the same crud that I had; about two weeks into my illness. While I said that I was sorry that he was sick, I was also glad that he was sick because it probably meant that it had nothing to do with my Sprycel or leukemia; other than the fact that my immune system currently sucks. I guess misery really does love company! Hopefully it doesn’t mean that I am going to become one of those people that catch everything that floats through the air.

The timing of all of this was really poor, as Joe was actually on vacation. I suppose being sick on vacation was probably better than having to go to work sick, so I guess it all worked out. He had ten days off and we had had lots of plans for projects around the house. Instead of doing the things that we had planned, we spent; hours sleeping, hours in front of our computers and hours in front of the television. Towards the end of the week, we did manage to get out to the Malibu Wines winery and to see a movie. We had a LivingSocial deal that was expiring, so we made the effort and saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Not epic but at least entertaining. Not to mention that it got us out of the house.

I am also thanking the “Gods of the Universe” for our prior decision to not attend the Frezno Dance Classic. We usually go to that dance event and compete; this year we had decided to go to the Portland Dance Festival instead. It was a lucky decision as I would have been too sick to go. Hopefully this bout of illness means that I will be well enough to go and compete in Portland, in July. I am a bit stressed about that because we have three brand new routines to learn and I have been too sick to go dancing for the past three weeks. I better get better and get busy!

With only two days left, we tackled the family room. Painting that room has been on my list for over 6 months. The paint was in the garage calling my name and since I needed Joe to help me move the furniture and to be around to call 911 if I fell off of the high ladder, we dug in and got it done. I painted while he froze tons of green beans and snap peas from the garden. Eventually he ran out of veggies and helped me finish the painting. Having accomplished something during that vacation made the both of us feel good; it hadn’t been a total bust. Talk about being slugs for a week.

I will begin taking my Sprycel again in the morning. It will be interesting to see where my blood counts are after this current episode and to see how I feel.



  1. You, my belle, have more ambition than a well person that's just procrastinating... My living room needs paint, wanna take a shot at it?! :)
    I am glad you'd skipped the dance, and since Portland isnt until July, I have all the faith in the world you will learn the dances, as well as dance - absolutely beautifully! Please keep us posted on the blood levels with the Sprycel! All the best to you Michele... Love, julia

  2. Thanks, Julia. I will! I still have a few more projects to complete by the end of the year as we plan on selling next year and moving back to Boise.


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