Days After Thoracentesis Tick By; I Am Not Happy!

I Will Survive!
It took several days for the pain to subside after my last thoracentesis; it wasn't local pain where they inserted the needle, it was a pain that mostly happened when I took a deep breath; I was still coughing and quite annoyed.

In the past, when I had the fluid removed from my pleural sac, my coughing ceased almost immediately. I was so looking forward to this benefit, but this time, it did not seem to happen.

For any one that has had a dry hacking cough, for any length of time, you will know how weary,  I am ! It is so frustrating, annoying and yes, even depressing. There was a short period of time, during the first few weeks following the procedure, where the coughing had waned enough for me to  walk on the treadmill mill, thirty minutes a day, and actually do a few daily chores.

This did not last long, and the coughing became worse. Oddly enough, the coughing mostly occurs when I stand up and walk around; when I sleep, or sit on my dead ass, I am pretty good. This, for me, SUCKS! I mean seriously, how many cute crochet animals can one person make??

While I am grateful that I have SOMETHING to occupy my mind, I am so sick and tired of sitting around. The weather is starting to get better and I have so many things that I want to do. I have missed three dances, and cannot even keep my floors clean. I feel like a total, depressed SLUG and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

And if I am to be honest with you, this is really the least of my problems. The BIG picture here, is that my run with Sprycel, six years plus, is most likely coming to an end. I have spoken to my oncologist, and he asked me how I felt about Bosulif; of course, being me, I researched the side effects; one of which is pleural effusion, and checked with others who are taking this drug; I do not love what I read or I hear.

To complicate matters, we have a month long trip to Europe planned, six weeks from now. The last thing that I want to do is to switch TKI's and leave the country, not knowing how my body will react to the new drug. I mean really, can you see me on a twelve hour flight with  chronic diarrhea, throwing up??

Sign me up! Doesn't that sound fun? Not to mention, I am sure there will be an adjustment period to a new medication; I really felt horrible the first year or two that I was on Sprycel, and when I have to make the switch, I want to be at home.

Soooo, here I am; what to do? I am currently on a Sprycel break, oncologist approved, and then we are going to lower my dose, go to Europe, and see what the numbers tell us, at least that is the current plan.

If I cannot get this cough under control, I do not know WHAT I am going to do! I am using Advair and Allbuterol, drinking herbal teas and honey, using oils and cough drops, and praying. And as if this is not enough, now I also have thrush! It has been raining and pouring in Boise, and I am ready for the storm to stop.

I guess I will contact my local internal medicine gal and see what she has to  say........until then, be well.


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