CML Hands!

I swear some days it seems as though it is always something! Is it really too much to ask for to have hands that work? I haven't slept in four nights due to the pain in my hands and my wrists. I do not know why, but the pain, numbness and tingling seems so much worse; AFTER I go to bed!

I know that it is Sprycel related as I have seen a neurologist and have been tested for carpal tunnel, so other than taking short Sprycel breaks, I do not know what to do! I see my oncologist next week so hopefully we can come up with a plan.

I am so sick and tired of dropping things, being unable to open things and the weak, achy feeling that has crept back into both of my hands. It seems to come and go; it has been quite manageable for the past few months, but for some reason or another; it is back!

Anyone else out there suffering from CML hands? Peripheral neuropathy, sucks!


  1. That's interesting. I have noticed my hands falling asleep, needles extra but I attributed to laying on them. During the day, I noticed it but attributed to sitting around for long periods of time reading or holding a device. You have been on Sprycel longer than I have. I have only been on taking for a good two months but am having trouble getting regulated and have had two vacations in the last 3-4 weeks. My liver must not like the drug, as my bilirubin has been elevated. -Donna

  2. Donna, it is funny how we always find ways to explain away our pain; including pins and needles! Mine also started with them "falling asleep" at night.


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