CML and Noise

I have always been a bit sensitive to excessive noise but since being diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia it seems as though I am even more sensitive to noise than I used to be. The noise can stem from something as quiet as a humidifier, to a loud, constantly barking dog.

Oddly enough, everyday noises do not always irritate me, but when they do, I often feel like running for a soundproof room. Sometimes I can hear my own heartbeat,  and when it is present, it seems as though all other noises are amplified and crazy making.

I find that any extra background noise has the potential to make me irritable, as well as give me a headache. Noises that I used to be able to tune out often sound like they have been turned up to their highest volume. I find myself more and more often sitting in a room with no background noise whatsoever; no music and no television.

I wonder if it is age, leukemia or medication related!

Quiet Please!


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