Sunday, April 1, 2012

Patients, Please Be Your Own Advocate

Just as my prior post stated the importance or following up, and double checking with your doctors, insurance companies, and anyone else that is related to your health and well-being, you must also be certain to listen and confirm what you know to be true, and what you are being told.

Last week, I had an appointment with my oncologist; I had written it down on my calendar and also had an appointment card stuck on my bulletin board. Two days prior to my appointment, the office called and asked me if I could come in fifteen minutes earlier than my 10:30 appointment; I verified that they meant 10:15 for blood work and 11:15 for the doctor, they confirmed.

One day prior to my appointment I received the confirmation/reminder phone call.
I and answered the phone and the young gal said, “Hello, is this Michele Ramusdsofiauf?” I said, “Michele Rasmussen?” She says, “Yes, Michele Rasmsoidufogh. I was calling to confirm your appointment, tomorrow at 3:00.” I said, “No, my appointment is at 10:15, are you certain that you have the right person?”  She said, “Yes, your appointment is at 3:00.” 

 Now, if I had simply hung up and arrived at my appointment at 3:00, I would have been told to re-schedule; not a fun thing when your doctor is off of Wilshire on the 405. I told her that I had received a phone call the day before, changing the time, and that the time was 10:15; she continued to argue with me and finally said that she was going to check with someone else.

I, for the fifth time said, “Are you SURE that you have the right person? This is Michele Rasmussen.” She finally comes back on the phone and snippily says “Your right your appointment IS at 10:15, there is another “Michele” at 3:00” I said, “Thanks, I thought so,” and hung up the phone.
Moral to the story is; Listen to you; body, heart and soul.

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