Best Conversation I Had This Week

The best conversation that I had this week was one that I had with a total stranger. This stranger became known to me through my blog. She contacted me regarding chronic myelogenous leukemia and said that she had just been diagnosed.

She was scared and confused and reached out to me, through my blog. She told me that she was mostly frightened because her insurance did not cover her medication. She was being prescribed Sprycel, but did not know how she was going to afford it. I sent her the link to my blog and reassured her that Destination Access would be able to help her.

She contacted me one week later; she let me know that she had read my blog from beginning to end and that she was able to receive her medication because of the information that she had read on my blog. She thanked me and let me know how much my blog had helped her. Since helping others, is why I continue to write my blog, hearing from her brightened my day.


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