Leukemia, Life and the Delete Button!

Why is it that it seems as though the delete button only works when you do not want it to? You know those times when you create the perfect resume, school report or email and it just suddenly disappears; yet, when you maybe say something that you don’t mean, or your words do not come out just the way you planned, they are sent or said out into the universe, never to be forgotten or returned.

I am sure that we have all said or done things that we would like to delete, but as Murphy would have it, the delete only seems to come into play when we least want it to. I wish that I could delete my leukemia, yet I would not wish to delete the friendships and knowledge that I have gained from having it.

I am sure that there are many things that I have done that I wish I could delete, but would I want to delete the lesson learned? No, I would not. I guess that the best case scenario would be to learn the lesson the first time and not have to repeat it; therefore there would not be a reason to hit “delete.” So, I guess that the delete button is really nothing more than a reminder that good things do often end and to embrace the good, forget the bad and when all else fails just hit; Delete!

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