Sunday, October 2, 2011

All is Well in My World; But Not My Granddaughter’s (She is Not Ill)

All is well in my world, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for my precious granddaughter; it seems as though her little friend decided to try out her hair cutting skills on my granddaughter’s hair. My granddaughter is the little girl that never wanted to cut her hair; she did not want a haircut, no matter what. Her hair was long, well below her waist. It was beautiful!

It is amazing to me that even at four years old peer pressure can get to you. Her friend started out by cutting her own hair; she said that cheerleaders didn’t have bangs, so she didn’t want bangs either; so one snip, and no bangs. Aubrie was next. The problem with this is that Aubrie didn’t even have bangs; her hair was all one length. Long beautiful hair; cut to the scalp, all of the way across the front of her head; bangs and half of the front of her hair gone. I am guessing that it took more than a snip or two.

 My heart just breaks for her; she is the girlie, girl; the one that always wants her hair done, the beads on and wears some sort of catawampus outfit every day. She likes to be all dressed up and loves the Glitz.  She now looks quite silly with all of this long hair in the back and literally nothing in the front.

He mother showed her a picture of a little girl with leukemia, just like Nana has; only this little girl had no hair. She asked her if she would like to help that little girl look pretty and give her some of her own hair; her answer was simple and straight forward, “No.” Did I forget to mention that she is also very decisive?

Despite the “No,” her mother took her for a haircut. Luckily she did have enough hair to donate to locks of love and her hair does look really adorable; eventually I think that even she will begin to like her new haircut, if for no other reason than it will no longer hurt when it is brushed.

 Important lessons in life rarely come easy; her parents had just had the conversation with her about being her own person. They told her that even if her friends tell her to do something, it doesn’t mean that she has to do it; especially if it makes her uncomfortable, or she knows that it is wrong. Talk about timing; looks like she learned this lesson the hard way. 

Nothing like a big bow!

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  1. Love the bow idea! It does look cute, but Marina would say "no" too! lol My 22 year old son recently cut his curly locks, my goodness - we had no clue, it stays in a curl, but he had 18" of thick shiny hair to donate!! When Marina was little, and got the scissor fever with her best friend 'mimi' my neighbor Mona and I were forced to take them for "real haircuts" to fix things, I - kept the hair Marina (or mimi)! had cut off Marina's and taped it into her baby book as "first lesson learned"! lol She - was about 3 years old! She did not see my dry sense of humor in that baby book until recently... Your Grand-daughter, even though unintentionally did a wonderful thing donating her hair... "Lesson learned"... Love to you Michelle!! Always, julia


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