Wednesday, September 7, 2011

South Bay Dance Fling: Dancing, Despite Leukemia

For those of you that remember my last dance competition, things did not go very well. The event was in Portland, Oregon and we had flown there the night before the competition. I am not entirely sure what happened, but for whatever reason, I was totally wiped out and in a brain fog. I did compete and I survived, the only thing was that I really don’t remember much of it at all. I DO however remember my black dance panties! I have THAT on film.

The competition this past weekend was in San Jose, Ca. and it did not require a plane ride. It was a six hour drive, but I seemed to tolerate it much better than being in the air. That, coupled with the fact that I did not dance until noon, bode much better for my overall well-being.

In some regards I felt that I danced better than I did in Portland and in others not so much. The not so much was directly related to my making some pretty major changes in the way I actually dance, due to my muscles, tendons and joints finally healing, after being poisoned by Cipro for the past 15 months. Ironically, my muscle, joint and tendon pain seemed to dramatically improve after my chemotherapy. Maybe the Sprycel is helping to keep it at bay; who knows?

Since I do get a one day per week reprieve from Sprycel, I chose to forgo my daily dose the night before I competed. I definitely had a bit more energy and was much more clear-headed at this competition than I was at the last one. I once again came in 2nd Overall, but my individual scores were much improved; and that for me is a win! I still have a ton of things to work on and we got a brand new Cha Cha routine while we were there, so I hope that my brain and body will decide to start co-operating on a more regular basis.

I AM going to dance my way through this damned leukemia!

The first dance was the judges favorite, the second one was mine!

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