Friday, October 19, 2018

Another Adventure?

Well, we are once again headed on an adventure! This adventure began with a week at my daughter's, in Orange County:

Visiting my daughter and grandson are the highlights of this leg, but this trip I had the added bonus of seeing my youngest son, Kevin, who drove over just for the day to hang out, and a few days later, my other son, his family and my other four grandchildren! What a treat and great surprise to realize Michael and his family were in Huntington Beach at the same time. Seeing all of my kids and grandkids is better than Christmas!

I only wish it could have been all at the same time, as I would love to have a photo of all of us together; it has been six years since that last happened! Nonetheless, my heart is full!

This leg of the trip also included a visit to my oncologist, with high hopes for a drop in my all-important BCR/ABL, measured by a PCR test, which is a fairly simple blood test. Seeing my oncologist is always filled with mixed emotions, anxious to receive confirmation that I remain stable, while anxious that There is a possibility that I have not.

This visit, I gave my oncologist a crocheted replica of himself! It was priceless!
I will report when I get my pcr results.

Onward, and upward!

The next leg of our trip is the flight to Boston; mostly uneventful, yet getting in at midnight will be the beginning of a very tired, wiped out few days for me!

Since I am fearful of taking my Bosulif and then getting on a plane, I didn't take my pills until we finally reached the hotel a little after midnight, I ate a snack-pak of tuna and crackers and forced down three of my four pills of Bosulif; I typically take 200mg with my first meal, and then 200mg with my second meal, but on travel days, I am so afraid of being miserable, in a car, or on a plane, that I wait until I get where I am going and try to get in a full dose before bed; this did not happen, so I tried 300 mg, all at once and was miserable all night long, which meant little sleep; not a great way to start our "vacation" but what are you gonna do?

Tomorrow's is another day, one that I have been wating for, for years!

Praying for a good night's sleep!

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