Even in Pain, You Can "Play"

Me; Making sure I don't get bit by a mosquito;
we didn't see any, but I saw people with bug
Sad but true, I am still dealing with a flare up of nerve pain, in my feet, and a precarious Achilles. At least the nerve pain running down my left leg has subsided; for this, I am grateful!

It is hard not to get angry when this happens; I hate hobbling around, and I hate being in pain.
Sometimes the best medicine for pain, is a change of scenery; it doesn't make it go away, but it does help to improve my mood! lol

Last night we went to the Shakepeare Festival, to see MacBeth. The play was performed in an outdoor amphitheater, and we had front and center seats! It was the first, in a series of plays, that we will see this summer.

I love theater, and I REALLY love this small, intimate venue. We are allowed to bring in our own food and drink, so I packed up a picnic basket, grabbed a blanket and some chairs, and headed to town.

It was a fabulous evening, and despite knowing very little about MacBeth, I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The acting was superb, as always, and the fact that I was able to follow the story line was a bonus!

Here's to a night out, a change in scenery, and an improved mood!


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