Visit to Boise LLS: Survivor/Fighter Shirts!

Yesterday, Joe and I went to our local Leukemia Lymphoma Society office.  We went to pick up my shirt for the Light the Night Walk. Last year our choices were; Supporter, In Memory and Survivor. I was a little disturbed by my choices at that time, because while yes I, and many others are "survivors", there are many of us that are still "fighting".

Living with a "chronic" cancer is a life long battle. Those of us with CML fight the good fight, every single day. Many of us will continue to fight that fight, for a very long time, while others with CML may face a progression in their disease, and either face a bone marrow transplant or death.

It is a cancer that is typically monitored every three months; sometimes you receive good news, and sometimes you don't. Point being, at this time, you are never "cured"; you live your life in treatment. You are not only a survivor, but a perpetual fighter, too.

(There  are currently some trials, for those lucky few that reach an undetectable state for two plus years, to try to hold remission, drug free.)

This, along with so many others that are still in treatment, caused me to believe that the LLS needed another shirt, another choice, another classification; Fighter! Afterall, who are we raising these funds for? We are raising the funds for the many people that are fighting blood cancers; both current and future victims. The Fighters of this disease.

We need a shirt for those who have yet to ring the bell; those who are still in treatment, those that are fighting for their life, in order to survive.

Because of the total awesomeness of our local Boise office and the gals that work there, we are the ONLY LLS office, nationwide that has Survivor/Fighter shirts, for our Light the Night Walk! I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw that they had special shirts made up for those of us still in treatment....Could you believe it???? HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!

Now, at the Light the Night Walk,  all of us still in treatment will not be asked, " Ohhhh, how far out are you?" "Which cancer did you have?" or "When did you finish treatment?"  Instead, it will be obvious that we are in the other club; the club that is still fighting the good fight. We are the ones that are still hoping and praying for a cure.

We are the ones that all of you are supporting; both monetarily and emotionally. We are Survivors AND Fighters and I thank our local office for recognizing us in this special way!!

Thank you Boise LLS; you guys ROCK!!

Please Donate if you can!! Every single penny helps!


  1. Amazing! This brings me hope for a change in NC! Yay!

  2. I think you are not a survivor - that is for people who survive a car crash -or a fall out of an aeroplane - or survive teenagers living at home - I think our slogan is THRIVER


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