Was Hypothyroidism Causing Fatigue?

I have taken ten Levothyroxine (.05mg) tablets and so far, and I am here to report that I am actually feeling better. I have less fatigue, and wait for it……..less PAIN! I am actually still in a disbelief mode and keep checking the pain level in my feet and hands. I have not added the Gabapentin to the mix “yet”, as I like to be scientific and only make one change at a time.

I think I am most grateful for the relief in my hands at night. They still go numb and ache, but it is nothing like it has been; I noticed this change three days after starting the Levothyroxine. I thought it was a fluke but the degree of numbness and pain at night, seems to be less; I am actually able to sleep.

The foot pain has also gone down a notch or two; typically when we teach dance classes on Wednesday nights, I am in complete agony by the third class; last night I was still able to participate without limping. To say that I am thrilled beyond belief is an understatement.

The other really great outcome has been the lifting of the dark, gray cloud that made me feel so fatigued, that I was unable to move far from my sofa. This past week I have been able to plant flowers, start a knitting project and begin my painted markers for the garden, in addition to my “typical” daily routine. I do not know who is happier about this; me or my husband!

Of course at this moment, I am going to attribute these small victories to the Levothyroxine, despite the voice in the back of my head that keeps saying, “But what if this batch of Sprycel isn’t working?”  Although, the optimistic side of my heart says, “But what if the Sprycel IS working, but this batch just isn’t causing all of the bad side effects?” I have been on this new bottle of Sprycel for eight days.

I have been on an increased dose of Sprycel for one month due to my increased PCR, and had a PCR drawn yesterday to see if it is working. I will have a thyroid check in about a month. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results on both fronts.


  1. So glad you are feeling better. It is most definitely the little things that make the biggest difference and relationships with others are right up at the top.

    May I ask you and your readers a question? Do you or your readers do the Relay for Life Survivor's lap? I have been on a team a few years ago and the survivor's lap always teared me up and this year I don't want to be one of the many that causes that. On the other hand, it would be nice to know if there are any CML folks nearby.

    1. I do Relay for Life in my So Florida town, have to admit feels weird sometimes. People don't see the cancer so, I always feel they look at me like I don't belong? But I know the fight I am walking. I don't refer to myself as a survivor but rather a fighter. idk just feels different for those of us with LIFE time cancer diagnosis.

  2. Donna, where are you located? I have not done Relay for Life, yet!

    1. Michele,
      I live in Southern Indiana. (Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Teams raise money then at least one team members walks around the track at any given time. It goes on for about 24 hours. It's been awhile but back then
      They decorated campsites
      Have a luminary service reading names of those who are fighting or fought with the candles lighting the track.
      Have live entertainment
      Special laps
      Recognized those walking 100 laps.)

  3. Donna,
    It sounds fun! I will have to check for the relay in boise. I am not sure I have the energy for any of it right now, but I think I will add it to my bucket list!
    Are you involved this year? A friend of mine was supposed to go tonight, but is suffering greatly today; I know she is sorry to miss it.

  4. I wasn't planning on going, although I would love to "sneak" in and see the survivor lap. Being a small community, I would probably be caught by someone.


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