Friday, September 14, 2012

Bcr-Abl Stable; Life-Crazy and Fabulous!

During the next two months I continued to feel more on the crappy side, a little more fatigued and more “flu-ish” on a daily basis. I went to my appointment fairly optimistic and hoped for the best. Two weeks later, I got the news; my PCR is improved a bit, meaning we were back on track at 1.15 x 10-4. Our thought is; the negative test result must have been a fluke. By removing the negative test I am still in downward slide toward negative. This is good news!

Notice the U-Haul?
Really good news since life picked up steam and entered “whirlwind” mode; we sold our house in one day, drove to Boise with a truck load of belongings, bought a house, drove back to Ca. to finish packing and then drove another truckload of belongings to Boise, Idaho. We then settled in for three weeks and drove back to Palm Springs and got married.

Of course, this is where one might be thinking honeymoon, relaxation; time to recoup. Nope, not for us, instead of a honeymoon, we opted to load my youngest child (18 years old), and our three granddaughters; aged six, five and three, into my Ford Expedition, hauling a U-Haul and drive to Boise! We enjoyed the kids for about two weeks when the rest of the family showed up; my son and his wife, plus my youngest grandchild (on year old), and my daughter with my oldest grandchild, ten years old.

For the next few weeks we played in the yard, had bonfires with ‘Smores, watched the elk, went swimming and floated the river; the kids had a great time running amuck and we had lots of visitors. I haven’t a clue why I am so exhausted!!

Eventually the tribe began to dwindle, and we found ourselves left with only two boys. After a few weeks, we drove them back home to southern California and taught at a West Coast Swing event. By the time I saw my doctor and had my blood drawn; I was whooped, and figured that my PCR was going to be whatever it was going to be. I was hoping for a continued decline, but wasn’t going to be too surprised if there was an increase.

Of course, my doctor and I both attributed my increased fatigue, to my recent shenanigans; he actually told me to take a five day reprieve from my medication, in order to give my body a break. This was extremely great news for me, as Joe had planned a “special”, slow drive, up the coast of California, full of surprises, and I was thrilled to be able to enjoy it without the added side effects from my Sprycel.

The break was just what I needed; I felt great for the first time since my last break, almost a year ago. My PRC test results weren’t going to be available until we reached home, so there was no point in fretting about those; so we just drove up the coast and had a great time!

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