Oh, NO! I Left My Pills at Home!

Joe is turning 60; we were supposed to be celebrating his BIG Birthday in Europe, like we did mine, two years ago.

As you and I both know, covid has other ideas. Since Europe was no longer an option, I decided to see what was within a stone's throw (aka a six-hour drive from home) from home.

It didn’t take long to choose Asheville, North Carolina as the mystery destination. I have always wanted to visit the Biltmore Estate, and since visiting old homes, mansions, castles, and churches is our “thing”, I knew he would enjoy it, too.

That coupled with the email saying we had earned a free night through Marriott Bonvoy, and I got busy making reservations.

At this point, with one vaccination in and a fair amount of covid travel under my belt, I felt quite comfortable making the decision to be away from home for a week and started researching our destination.

Since it was a mystery ride, meaning Joe didn’t know where he would end up, I had to secretly enter our destination into the GPS, with a via point for lunch. I found a great sandwich shop in Knoxville, which was a little more than halfway.

As we were approaching Knoxville, I was thinking about lunch and the fact that I needed to take my Bosulif with my lunch, when all of a sudden, a terrible thought hit me. My Bosulif was at home, on the kitchen table! 

I had filled my pillbox, considered whether or not I needed to take my whole bottle of pills, (just in case), and deciding no, walked to the cupboard and put them away, leaving my pills, in the pillbox sitting right there, on the table!

I had left my life-saving medication at home.

I was sick to my stomach, shocked, annoyed, mad at myself, and downright baffled that I had literally forgotten my meds. I have had CML for more than ten years, and for anyone that knows me, you know that I travel whenever and wherever I can, and I have NEVER, EVER left my medication behind! WT@#$?

I cannot even express the frustration and fear that I felt. Several scenarios went through my mind. Number one being, "Oh well. Nothing you can do about it now, so you might as well just enjoy this trip." I calculated the number of days in my head without medication (four) and hoped that it would not affect my pcr numbers that I had worked so hard to get into the .00something range.

And the second scenario was, "How do I rectify this situation?"

Once over my initial shock and annoyance, I went into survival mode; I was due for a new bottle of pills to be delivered and was going to order them when I got home. Instead, I called the Pfizer Oncology Together refill line and told them what had happened.

They graciously agreed to overnight my next bottle to the hotel, and I hung up feeling anxious and relieved. I would be keeping my fingers crossed until I had that bottle in my hot little hand, the next day.

Fortunately, I had 2 “emergency” pills in a pill case in my purse, so I will only miss one 100mg dose today and hopefully no more.

As far as the cholesterol medication, Crestor, which I just started talking, I would only miss two of those pills, as I take it every other day, so I just let that one go!. 

Talk about adding a little excitement to the trip and feeling really stupid! 

After an amazing Philly Cheesesteak and Monte Cristo sandwich at Jefferies’ we were back on the road and continued to enjoy the beautiful drive; Somewhere near Asheville, Joe began to get an idea of where we were going based on the “time” limit set for the drive, and we began to talk about what we were going to do when we got there.

We arrived safely, checked into the hotel with glass between us and the staff: we were given instructions of only two people in the elevator and to use the provided tissues to push the elevator buttons. We were told no one would enter our room and if we needed anything we could come to the lobby to get it. 

Once in our room, we sprayed and wiped it down with disinfectant for good measure and prepared to enjoy our week in this beautiful mountain town.

I will breathe easy when my meds arrive tomorrow.

Time to explore!

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