Saturday, July 27, 2019

Last Night was TOUGH!

Dang! What a night! I took my first dose of 200mg of Bosulif with a half of a tuna sandwich, a bowl of cantalope and a small glass of milk. All was "good" and "normal" until about four hours later.
The nausea began, and I promptly took three drops of CBD under my tongue, which almost always works, and waited. The nausea got worse, the stomach pains and diarrhea began.

After about an hour, I took 4mg of Zofran; it took an hour before it even began to touch the stomach pain and nausea, not to mention the diarrhea!

By now I am convinced I must have stomach cancer, or pancreatitis, or something other than typical side effects from Bosulif. That would be my hypochondria kicking in, but my logical self knows better!

Praying that I can sleep, and will be "all better" by morning.


This pain, nausea, diarrhea cycle lasted eight miserable hours. Today I feel as though I have been run over.

What the heck was that all about? Was it a side effect of Bosulif? Was it something else? I had no fever.

I hate that being in constant treatment makes all things seem worse than they probably are and I hate that I NEVER know if what I am feeling is a true medical issue or just side effects from my medication.

Of course, I am terrified to take another dose of this life-saving medication, BUT I will since I did not get my second dose down the hatch last night.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a more "normal" type day; mild nausea, no stabbing stomach pains, and little diarrhea!

Blek! The life of chronic cancer can be SO much fun!

To add to my "pain" I am scheduled to attend Epic Experience on Sunday. Epic Experience is a cancer camp for adult cancer patients and I have so been looking forward to attending.

Now I am feeling a bit fearful to travel to Colorado, in the mountains at 8000 plus feet. I hate that cancer does that to me, and I am praying for a better tomorrow, to gain the confidence to throw caution to the wind, get on the plane and head off to an adventure of a lifetime.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck Michelle, hope all goes well and you are able to make the trip. Wouldn't it be nice if Cancer would give us a schedule on when we are going to have crappy days, this way we could work around them. I hate how they just sneak up on us. Having a great week, make some plans, then BAM hit the wall.

    1. Amber. you got that right! I HATE the BAM!!
      As you have probably seen on my update; I didn't make it to camp; their fault, not mine. Boo...


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