Friday, May 24, 2019

Two Cindy's; What Are the Odds?

Patti, Cindy and me!
Throughout my life, I have been blessed with friendships that no matter how near or far in distance we physically are; they thrive. In the past, I might not have spoken to these girls for months or even years, and then sometimes it was only when there was bad news.

But other times, we wrote letters, shared photos and even made special trips, just to reconnect. Life wasn't always as easy as it is now, to connect; it took effort and money. Long distance calling was expensive and letter writing took time! lol

During the past forty years, I have shared my life with two of these women on a fairly regular basis, and even more so during the past twenty years. Patti lives in Wisconsin and Cindy lives in Colorado. I am sure that Patti feels as though she knows Cindy, and Cindy feels as though she knows Patti, as they have a common denominator; me!

Oddly enough, Patti also had a Cindy. We always laughed about the fact that we each had our very own Cindy!

Last September, for Patti's 60th birthday, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Patti's Cindy! Of course, I already felt as though I "knew" her, and of course, we were already facebook friends; but finally meeting face to face, we were able to exchange real hugs, at last.

We just loved sharing Patti stories and marveled at just how much we really already knew about each other. It was a precious time and one that I will always cherish, and be grateful for.

What I knew then, was that she and I were both survivors; she had survived two liver transplants, and I was living with cancer. She looked great and was feeling well, as a matter of fact, I could not keep up with Cindy and Patti, and I was always lagging behind!

Cindy was so cute, she kept walking back and asking if I was alright! I will never forget that kindness and understanding.

Little did I know, that was the first and last time that I would ever spend time with Cindy. Through unforeseen complications, Cindy's health began to deteriorate; rapidly. Yesterday, she gained her wings. I believe that I am still in shock, I just cannot believe that she is gone.

Oh, how she wished me Happy 60th and so prayed that she would also make it to her 60th birthday next month; she did not, and I am just so sad.

To add insult to injury, my Cindy is currently undergoing treatment for Stage 3 cancer. Another shot to the heart; I mean what are the odds?

She is through her first week of treatment, with four more weeks to go. I remain optimistic and am just viewing this as a bump in the road. I know that we will be traipsing all over Europe again, someday soon.

me and my Cindy

Life is certainly an ever-changing force. Something that we should never take for granted, as we never know what is lurking right around the corner.

Make time for what is truly important; you may not ever get a second chance.

Fly high,  Patti's Cindy; you will be remembered and missed.

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  1. Im so sorry to read this. God bless everyone who loved and cherished her


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