The Current PCR; Down, But Still Not Great!

Looking back over the past year, it is not a wonder that my head is reeling and my emotions are all over the board. Last year I was dealing with pain; pain in my hips, feet, back; muscles, joints and nerves. This year I am dealing with a bouncing PCR. I just cannot seem to get it under control; kind of like life.

Last year I had the good fortune of celebrating two negative PCR results. This year I have had PCR results ranging from .432 to .134. I cannot seem to achieve the coveted >.1% to save my soul, despite my maximum 140 mg dosage of Sprycel.

My latest test result was slightly better than the one before at .19, down from .28. I am trying to give my blood the benefit of the doubt by factoring into the equation that I was off of Sprycel, for seven days, due to a mild case of pneumonia, during that time. I will see my oncologist on the 19th of December and will have another PCR test, and I guess we shall go from there. I am praying another drop, preferably below the .1% mark.

On the upside, the increased dose of 140 mg of Sprycel seems to have alleviated all of my pain symptoms! Within the first five days of starting the higher dose, my pain disappeared; while I still suffer from fatigue and minor pleural effusion, I am now able to go about my day, relatively pain free; this makes for a much more enjoyable life. This pain free existence is the main reason that I am reluctant to switch medications. The fear of the “unknown” verses the facts of the “known” are a mental struggle that I try not to engage in. I know that if my PCR does not continue to drop, that a change may be in order, but for now, I am sticking with the plan.

The PCR roller coaster of life continues….But I will never give up hope!


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