Still Not a Happy Day; Singing the Cold Sore Blues!

I know; Gross!!

How is it, that I a drug that you take (Sprycel), to keep you alive can cause so many miserable side effects? I suppose that this is true with many, many drugs, such as the crippling antibiotic Cipro, Levaquinn and Avelox, but really; if you have no choice but to take the drug to stay alive, then my wish is that the all-powerful “they” will someday come up with a way to make these drugs less dangerous, with fewer side effects.

I suppose that my marvel of the day is this; just how does one cold sore, on my lip, hurt so damn bad. I mean it really, really hurts; morning, noon and night. It has kept me awake for three nights now. Last night I determined that even the air was causing pain, so I was able to get momentary relief from coating it with Neosporin; today I am going to buy some really thick, gooey Vaseline to coat it with.

My doctor has prescribed Acyclovir which is supposed to help, but right now I feel like ripping my lip right off of my face! The only way that I can describe what it feels like is about a dimes’ sized sore that has nothing but open, raw nerves, and someone, or something is constantly pouring straight alcohol on them! It is crazy how something so small can cause such grief?

So, anyone out there with any tips or advice on how to suffer through this; please let me know!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a complain-free day!


  1. Since I was diagnosed with CML in 2007 I have been on Gleevec. I have never had so many cold sores in my life until I got CML, now I have a store of Acyclovir and as soon as I get the least hint of a cold sore I start taking it. It has really helped. It works best if you start it at the beginning of an outbreak.

  2. Thanks! That is what I am taking...

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