Throwing a last-minute Halloween party

Guest post written by Chandra Morrison

I'm not really one to plan out things beforehand. I've never really been that way. But it's OK with me. I prefer it that way. It seems like when I do try to plan things ahead of time, it just doesn't work out as well in the end.

I threw a Halloween party on Sunday afternoon, so of course Friday night I was online with my clear internet looking up some recipes and other things that I could do for the Halloween party.

It seems like it's so much more difficult to throw a Halloween party for kids than it is for adults. With adults, you can just give them cocktails to entertain them. With kids, you have to give them all kinds of activities and crafts to do. I was able to throw together some crafts at the last minute and the kids had a lot of fun! Luckily, I also had an old Halloween costume of my own that I found in the attic and washed that was perfect for the party. A Ghostbusters costume never truly goes out of style.


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