Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Polymerase Chain Reaction Test, aka PCR; Results of My Second One

Two months ago I had my very first Polymerase Chain Reaction test; this test is commonly known by CMLer’s as a PCR test. It is used to monitor a person’s response to treatment. My first PCR test was done two months ago; it was actually my baseline test as I had not previously had one. The results for that test were 5.9 x 10-2, while I am still trying to grasp exactly what that means; I understand that the goal for every test is to see a reduction of the Bcr-Abl RNA or DNA in the blood and marrow.

So, my test results are in and the IS a reduction. I haven’t seen my doctor, yet, but he did send me an email and stated that it was 10 fold lower than the last one at 4.47 X10E-3. Right now I am wishing that I had paid more attention in math class and that I could really figure out exactly how one mathematical sentence related to another, but for now I will simply focus on the “10 fold lower,”  and wonder if that is a “typical” response, a “good” response” or an “over the top” response.

I suppose I shall just have to wait until my next appointment to ask him. My next appointment in near the end of August and he will be performing another bone marrow biopsy; under general anesthesia.

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  1. Dear Dancer,
    Have you been to the LLS website, you can find all the answers to your questions about what the different tests mean quickly, the board is extremely active and fun to be around. I have been taking Sprycel since Oct. '10.


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