Monday, September 26, 2011

Your Generosity is Much Appreciated!

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I have never been one to ask for help of any kind. I often wonder if my leukemia wasn't “gifted” to me, just in order to make me realize that “asking” for help can be just as important as offering it. I have always been the “Helper,” the Giver,” the Doer.” I have always been the healthy one; to the rescue. It never occurred to me, that someday, I would be the one in need.

It has been quite eye opening being on the other side of the hospital bed. I am just beginning to realize that by always being the “helper,” I may have easily taken away the opportunity for others to be generous and kind. I believe that some people are born givers, others takers; I also believe that sometimes we are conditioned to becoming one or the other. I would like to believe that given the chance, all human beings would lend a hand or offer a kind word if given the opportunity.

I really want to thank all of you for your monetary and emotional support during these past seven months; they are seven months that I do not wish upon anyone; yet I gladly accept this cancer, especially if it eliminates any of my friends and family from developing cancer. Do you think that God is in a bargaining mood?  I intend continue to play hand that I have been dealt, and to learn from every experience that is presented to me.

Again, my heartfelt thanks, and the bracelets will be in the mail by the end of the week. I will continue to sell them as I had such a great response. One of the dearest emails that I received was from a friend that will be sending the link to her friends and family, she said it better than I, so I hope she doesn’t mind me reposting it here:

“There are several birthdays coming up in October and I am buying or donating to you as a gift to my friends. I know they will appreciate that more than any store bought gift because it is so much more meaningful. I am sending a link to this page so they can choose a bracelet.
Your bracelets & this request is a super idea and for me it is a 'Mitzvah'(good deed or acts of loving kindness) in Judaism to be able to help”

Thank you, JOYous, One!!

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    rita n/

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