Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smoking; One of the Most Difficult Addictions to Beat!

Cigarette addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to break. The tobacco companies have done a great job in adding substances to their cigarettes, that your body quickly begins to crave. Starting from that very first puff, tobacco companies begin to control your life. It has always amazed me that smokers will go out of their way, at any time during the day or night to get a pack of “smokes”, but if they need milk; that can wait until the morning!

Despite the mass amount of research and anti-smoking campaigns, the rate of young women that begin to smoke is on the rise.  Young women tend to see smoking as a symbol of their independence; what they do not understand, is that once they begin smoking, their independence quickly turns to “dependence”, on cigarettes and tobacco companies.

Maybe if they realized that smoking not only puts them at risk for cancer and other illnesses, but that it also ages them prematurely, then maybe they might weigh the risks a little more carefully. We all know that we “were” invincible, and were going to live forever, when we were teens; we also knew that we would never be that wrinkly “old” woman on the street corner, too! Maybe instead of preaching cancer and lung disease, the anti-smoking campaigns should begin to focus on the young girls' looks; maybe their vanity will outweigh their invincibility! 

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