Sunday, April 1, 2012


Guest post by Jewel Cole

Everyday, early in the afternoon I break the work rules and take a little personal time using our fast internet connection that we have at the office that we got by logging onto I love to get great deals and where I live, I don’t feel like I have access to my favorite stores. I usually find some really great deals on Usually, about every other day, they have this thing called MidDay Dash. They have some really great deals. Some really awesome things will be anywhere from twenty five percent to seventy percent off. If you don’t log in right when the dash starts, all of the good things and good deals will be sold out, so I just can’t wait until I get home to check it. I have gotten some of my friends some really great wedding gifts during the dash and saved a lot of money. I am just hoping that my boss doesn’t walk up behind me one day and catch me internet shopping!

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