Thursday, January 26, 2012

Darn Age Spots!

Getting older definitely has its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros, in my opinion, is gaining wisdom. As I age, I know that I have a totally different perspective toward life that I did when I was younger. I appreciate thing more than I used to, I cherish every day, have more patience and realize that a broken finger nail is not the end of the world.

One of the cons to getting older are those gosh darn age spots that are beginning to appear on my face! It is one thing to have them on my arms and hands, but a totally different thing to see them staring back at me in the mirror. Guess all of those years baking in the sun has finally caught up to me!

I recently ran across a product that aids in age spot removal. It seems that this product is derived and harvested from a mushroom that grows on trees in the Swiss Alps. It seems as though the mushrooms decolorized the bark where the mushrooms grew on the trees.

The folks at Luminaze have taken this enzyme and created a face cream that breaks down the melanin in our skin, thus reducing the dark, age spots. As you all know, I am apprehensive to take any chemically produced drug, so I thought that maybe, since this is derived from a natural resource, I would give it a try. I would love to find a natural product that would help me to look younger; even if it was just a little bit!

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