Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Son

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

My son has only been working for this company for six months and he has already been promoted. He is a medical sales representative and he has been promoted to do outside sales. I am so glad that he is moving up in the company so fast. However, his new territory is completely across the country in California. He is still only twenty two years old and I think that moving to California is a big deal. He does not know anyone out there and all of his family is on the East Coast. I told him that he needs to have a security system installed in the house that he bought. He says that he does not need one. I guess he is just too much of a man for that. I decided to google “California ADT home security” to find out what was available. My son finally gave in to getting security system, but he said it was only to give me peace of mind. I hate that he going to be so far away, but now I have an excuse to take a vacation to California.

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