Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks for the Great Care!

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day I have much to be thankful for; most of all, it is to be alive. It has been nine months since I was diagnosed with leukemia and I am still alive, kicking and dancing. Looking back to the day that I was diagnosed, this was all uncertain, since we didn’t know what type of leukemia that I had, fortunately for me, I have chronic myelogenous leukemia, which the doctors are now able to treat, monitor and hopefully keep at bay for many years.

While I was hospitalized, I was very lucky to have pretty decent care. All but one of my nurses were “good”, but there was one in particular that was great! I always knew when she was on my floor, because she always wore a different uniform then the other nurses. Hers was always bright and cheery and I knew that when she was there, that my night would be much better. The greatest thing that she did for me was to help me out late at night. For whatever reason, leukemia makes you sweat profusely at night, literally soaking not only your clothing, but your entire bed. On the nights that she wasn’t there, the only thing that I could do to help myself was to change my jammies, but when she was there, she would help me to change my entire bed, which was awesome, because being wet is no fun and when the bed is wet all you are is damp and freezing cold to boot!

She was the angel nurse, so I wanted to send her something this Thanksgiving in a way to say Thank you to her. What I thought that she could use, and hopefully remember someone that greatly appreciated her, was a beautiful beaded lanyard from  that would hold her ID. They have the most awesome nursing scrubs, hats and lanyards on that site; hopefully I am making a good choice and she will find the lanyard useful!

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